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  • 08/25/10--17:51: Green Porno - Bedbugs

  • Another of Isabella Rossellini's Green Porno short films but with serious wtf value

    (20 votes - 8 comments - 3003 views)

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  • 05/29/13--22:18: Return of the Cicadas

  • A beautifully filmed short on the life cycle of the cicada by Samuel Orr

    (18 votes - 3 comments - 1499 views)

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    Was surfing when I came across this. Interesting concept from a designer of treehouses with music "Photosynthesis" by Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls.

    Youtube description

    Tentsile Stingray was launched to it's first hardcore fans 1 year ago. To celebrate, we wanted to show some of the ways the Stingray has brought joy and inspiration to a whole bunch of people over the past 12 months. Thank you all for being part of our journey.Play, Camp, Explore...

    (14 votes - 6 comments - 270 views)

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    I love astrophotography, it's cool.

    (12 votes - 1 comment - 520 views)

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    I saw Mike Rowe on TED talks talking about this show but found it had been sifted twice, but the actual show didn't appear to have been sifted. Since I watched this I felt the need to inflict it on everyone else. Enjoy.

    (11 votes - 5 comments - 518 views)

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    Apparently Russia is a meteor magnet

    (23 votes - 3 comments - 358 views)

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    We've seen these odd couple animal friend videos before but this one really cheered me up.

    (21 votes - 1 comment - 521 views)

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    Derek discusses how the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light. My brain hurts.

    (35 votes - 8 comments - 695 views)

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    A crowd watches as a man cuts open a dead shark on the beach to find three live pups which are then released into the water.

    (25 votes - 12 comments - 484 views)

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    Kitimat, BC gets 2 meters of snow in less than 2 days. A worker on the Rio Tinto Alcan Kitimat Modernization Project (KMP) goes for a walk to find her car.

    (16 votes - 9 comments - 317 views)

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    Beautiful video of a geyser in Nevada, accidentally created when a geothermal test well was abandoned uncapped or improperly capped. The high mineral content has created weirdly shaped mineral formations which combine with algae to produce brilliant colors.

    (16 votes - 1 comment - 272 views)

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    Kind of a cool view of a volcanic eruption, a time lapse showing ejected ash growing into a gigantic plume.

    (25 votes - 3 comments - 377 views)

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    A hiker is in a nature preserve at the foot of Calbuco Volcano videoing the beatiful scenery at the moment of initial eruption.

    (41 votes - 2 comments - 749 views)

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    Helicopter pilot and videographer flies into Widgeon Lake (Alt 2500') and videos figure skater on pristine ice with mountain backdrop. Seems like another world but only 20 miles from downtown Vancouver.

    (21 votes - 1 comment - 302 views)

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    An 85 year-old man videos a tornado as it destroys his house and kills his wife but he survives.

    (28 votes - 11 comments - 885 views)

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    Driver videos moose family including triplets in canola field near Moosomin Saskatchewan.

    (15 votes - 5 comments - 176 views)

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    Amazing telephoto timelapse video showcasing the effects of atmospheric refraction. Taken at the Cerro Telolo InterAmerican Observatory

    (22 votes - 6 comments - 651 views)

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    A weatherguy in New Zealand feels the need to point out what part of human anatomy a waterspout resembles. As subtle as a sledgehammer.

    (13 votes - 5 comments - 923 views)

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    Amazing multiple views of the moon's shadow sweeping over the earth and through the sky during a 2012 eclipse in Australia

    (13 votes - 0 comments - 297 views)

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    YT: I built an A frame hut as a large work space for projects. First I made a celt hatchet to cut timber for the hut. The axe head was made of amphibolite and the handle was made of a species of wattle. For the hut the floor plan was 4 X 4m. The height of the ridgeline was 2 m above the ground. +A post was planted in the ground to support the ridge pole at the back of the structure and an A frame was put in the front to support the ridgeline. The rafters of the hut were then attached to the ridgepole. Palm fronds were then collected, split and lashed to this frame. The dome hut was disassembled and its thatch was added to the structure. Approximately 1200 fronds were used in total. For the ridgeline, thatch was lifted in place and rested on without lashing it down. Instead, pairs of sticks lashed together were lifted in place sitting over thatch preventing it from blowing away. These are known as “jockeys” as they resemble a rider sitting on a horse.
    A wall of wattle and daub was built at the back of the structure. Wooden poles were planted into the ground and lawyer cane was woven between them. Soil was dug from around the hut forming drainage trenches while also supplying the mud used to daub the wall. No fibre was added to the daub, just straight mud. Pegs were stuck into the wall to form a convenient rack to hold the stone axe off the ground when not in use. Later, pegs were added to support the fire sticks too. A bed was made by hammering in wooden stakes and lashing timber to the frame. This was covered with palm fibre to act as bedding. Atherton oak nuts were then collected and eaten/stored in a pot. Latter, heavy rain fell testing the huts ability to shed rain. The hut stayed dry while the water flowed off the thatch and into the drainage trenches left over from digging the mud for the wall.
    The A frame hut is a simple shelter that can be built quickly and simply. It’s basically a large roof built directly on the ground. The shape is strong and should resist strong winds. This hut is the biggest one I’ve built on this channel and could fit both the tiled roof hut and wattle and daub hut inside it with room left over along the sides. It requires no scaffolding or ladders to build. A person can walk right down the centre without ducking while the sides that are too low to stand in are used for storing firewood, tools and other things. A fire lit in the entrance will greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes in the hut though it will get smokey occasionally. To reduce smoke, a small stove could be built to burn the wood more efficiently. A chimney and fireplace could be built also, but would take more time.

    (17 votes - 3 comments - 512 views)

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